Grandview Presbyterian Church



Children’s Center Preschool

Children’s Center Preschool, established by the church in 1971, offers half or full-day enrichment experiences to children three to five years of age.  The ratio, 1-5 in all classrooms, allows the staff to “partner” with the children as they choose a variety of activities and interact with the environment and each other.  The curriculum ideas and experiences emerge from the children’s interests and needs.  Materials such as clay, paint, collage items, including natural objects, etc., are readily available, allowing the children to explore their world, use problem-solving skills and create their own designs.

Family activities and traditions include:  Jingle Bell Breakfast, Thanksgiving and Christmas Celebrations, Father’s Day and Parents’ Night Out Gala.
Chapel is also a favorite tradition offered each week on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.  Parents are invited to join us for this special occasion.

Please call Betty Ricksecker, Director or Christy Yaussi, Office Manager, at (818) 243-1088 for further information regarding the preschool or enrollment procedures.

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