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Children’s Center Preschool

Grandview Children’s Center Preschool, established by the church in 1971, offers half or full-day enrichment experiences to children three to five years of age. 

The school’s Reggio Emilia-influenced program allows curriculum ideas and experiences to emerge fro the children’s interests and needs.   Materials such as clay, paint, collage items, including natural objects, etc., are readily available, allowing the children to explore their world, use problem-solving skills and create their own designs.

We have two rich play areas, continuously improved with the loving attention of parents over the 46 years of the school’s history:  the sand yard, which includes a zip line, swings, tire bridge, garden, buried treasures in the sandbox, building materials, and chickens;  and the bike yard, which offers a track for many different wheeled toys to be used individually or with a friend, a water system of troughs and hoses in a sand area, a flour bin, a wooden ball/ramp/track kit, paints and eases, and countless other activities.  Books and art supplies are available in every play area.

A 1:5 teacher-student ratio in all classrooms allows the staff to “partner” with the children as they choose a variety of activities and interact with the environment and each other.

Grandview family activities and traditions include:

  • Jingle Bell Breakfast
  • Thanksgiving and Christmas Celebrations
  • Father’s Day
  • Parents’ Night Out Gala

Chapel is also a favorite tradition offered each week on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.  Parents are invited to join us for this special occasion.



The “Cottage Class” designed to accommodate working families, provides complete care year-round from 7 AM to 6 PM for children ages 3 to 5.  Breakfast, snacks, and lunch are provided.  3/4 days may be available.

Daily Schedule:

7-8:30 AM:  Breakfast available; free play

9:00 AM:  Group (stories, discussion of current themes of interest)

9:30 AM:  Half of class spends time in either sand yard or bike yard; the other half works inside

10:30 AM:  Snack

10:45 AM:  Switch groups outside/inside

11:45 AM:  Wash hands, use restroom, Group

12:00 PM:  Home-cooked family-style lunch is served

12:30 PM:  Variety of manipulative explored

1:00 PM:  Nap

3:00 PM:  Snack

3:30 PM:  Spend time in the sand yard or bike yard, (alternate weeks)

5:00 PM:  Children return to classroom


The “Nursery School” offers two half-day classes (ages 3-4 and 4-5) during the school year.  Children may attend Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday or Thursday-Friday.  Snacks are provided by the school.

“Lunch Bunch” is available for children who’s parents would like them to stay until 2:00 PM an offers supervised playtime while the children eat lunches brought from home.



Susan Sowell was appointed director in 2018 after serving as the Lead Teacher for the 3’s and 4’s Nursery School class for 18 years.  She has a deep background in early childhood education and her philosophy is strongly influenced by RIE and Reggio Emilia.  She received her early childhood education courses from UCLA Extension.  Susan is grateful for the opportunity to work closely with the generations of Glendale area children and watch them grow.  She will begin her role as director on August 1, 2018.


Our teachers are all certified and have extensive experience and training in early childhood education with an emphasis on Reggio Emilia philosophy.


Please call Betty Ricksecker, Director or Christy Yaussi, Office Manager, at (818) 243-1088 for further information regarding the preschool or enrollment procedures.

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